Introduction of Cypionate.

Cypionate is a sterol ester it emanates from a 3-cyclopentylpropionic acid and testosterone. 

Testosterone cypionate is a synthetic obtain of testosterone in the form of an oil-soluble 17 (beta)-cyclopentylpropionate ester.  The use of Cypionate is for men who do not have enough testosterone available naturally.

Introduction of Enanthate.

The use of Enanthate is an androgen and anabolic steroid medication that is primarily to treat the low testosterone levels in males. Therefore Enanthate is also known as testosterone heptanoate which works by building muscles and basically enhances the sex characteristics of males. This medicine is in use since the 1950s. It comes under a lot of brands like Androfil, depandro, testing, Testro, and others. 

The Working Mechanism of Enanthate and Cypionate.

Although the use of both the drugs is the same to build testosterone in the body. Nevertheless, let’s find out which steroid is better Enanthate or Cypionate. Enanthate and Cypionate both are the most prescribed steroids to develop testosterone levels in males. 

The association of testosterone cypionate with the class of drugs known as androgens. A class of drugs is a category of medications that manage in an identical way. Therefore the use of drug is very identical in conditions. Futhure, Testosterone cypionate assists to treat hypogonadism in males by changing the testosterone of the human body which is inadequate to make. 

Testosterone Enanthate when interactions with the body its anabolic drugs work by constructing muscles, while androgenic means it increases sex attributes which are usually associated with males.

Side Effects of Enanthate and Cypionate. 

However, every medication comes with side effects here are some effects of Cypionate: 

  • Nausea, 
  • vomiting, 
  • headache, 
  • skin color changes, 
  • increased/decreased sexual interest, 
  • oily skin, 
  • hair loss, and 
  • acne. 

And Side Effects of Enanthnate are as follows:

  • Enlargement of the breast.
  • Hoarseness.
  • Change in the voice.
  • Pain,
  • redness, 
  • bruising, 
  • Bleeding,
  • hardness at the injection site.
  • tiredness.

 Dosage of Medications.

Cypionate takes about  6 to 12 hours to kick in the body and starts working although, Enanthate takes about 10 to 12 hours to kick in the body and start working.  Enanthate dosage is 50 to 400 milligrams (mg) every two to four weeks. So Cypionate dosing pattern is  50 to 400 mg injections into the muscle directly every 2 to 4 weeks.

Chemical Structures

Although, there is no such difference in the chemical composition of both these drugs. As cypionate has one additional carbon atom that enanthate does not contain. The half-life of cypionate is 8 days whereas the half-life of Enanthate is about 7 days.

Cypionate is insoluble in water and can involve in chloroform, dioxane, and ether, and is soluble in vegetable oils.  

Enanthate contains benzyl benzoate and castor oil for injection.

Which One is Better Cypionate and Enanthate?

The injection of testosterone Cypionate injection is injected with grape seeds and sesame seeds. Therefore, the testosterone cypionate contains plant and bioidentical endogenous hormones.

Enanthate is not consumed orally because evidently it affects the liver directly and acts negatively. 

The administration of Cypionate is done orally in oil, which further results in clinically useful elevations of serum T.

Hence, both the testosterone Enanthate and Cypionate are almost similar with very minimal difference. Threrfore the side effects of both drugs are quite similar. Nevertheless, the side effects of cypionate are minimal do not need any medical attention, and are Humanly bearable. Both the medications are available at similar prices Therefore Cypionate is cheaper than Enanthate. Therefore Cypionate is a better option than Enanthate.

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Enanthate or Cypionate: Which One Should You Choose?

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